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Rock Against Diabetes

Newsletter  Volume 47         August 2010 

Has it really been since February since I sent a news letter? I have kinda taken a break from a few things as I was feeling overwhelmed this Spring and then Summer happened so fast and bam now it is August, I can hardly believe it!

 Well the most important thing to tell you this month is that our friend George Turner is hosting a block party and it is a benefit for our JDRF Walk team, Rock Against Diabetes. It is a full day of hanging out and listening to music. So if you are in the area come by with your lawn chairs and maybe some snacks to share. There will be a grill if you want to bring your lunch or dinner to BBQ.

 George’s Block Party
Saturday August 21, 2010    noon to 10pm
Between NE Wasco and Multnomah on NE 27th Ave
Portland, OR.

***Bands include Sketchy Ted, B++, Don't Hurt Miles, My Fellow Traveller,
21 Horses, Tara Williamson Band, Cedar Teeth, Anchors of Ascension, James Faretheewell and David Bryan Wilson.

 My Fellow Traveller will also be releasing "All We Have Is Today" that day. Look for it on Itunes and all the other digital distribution sites starting 8-21.


March we did the Grant Watts JDRF Kids Walk to Cure Diabetes Again and raised $3100+ benefiting the school and of course JDRF. We had a great time and the kids all learned about Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. I am really proud of the Scappoose community.

 In June our family left the day after school got out for 3 weeks in Hawaii. We anticipated Henry going low a lot since he did the last time we were there. What we forgot was last time he did not have the pump, he was on Lantus and Humolog. This time we saw high blood sugars like we had seen when we went to Florida in October 2009. We increased his basals and finally got him in target. We did have to remove his pump a lot because he was playing in the ocean several times a day. This meant we would test and make any insulin corrections then let him play in the ocean. After he was showered off we would re hook pump and test blood sugar and make any correction that was needed. We found we were testing more and changing his set more often since he was spending a lot of time in the heat and in the water. My theory for Florida and Hawaii was that it was hot and humid and with water play the sets just don’t stay in good as long.

 Mid July home from Hawaii and off to New Mexico and Colorado. I thought we would need to back off the insulin but so far his numbers were good. Maybe the heat, even though it was dry, affected him. Again we found that when he spent time in the pool the sets needed to be changed every two days. Long periods of sitting raise his blood sugar it seems. So airplane rides and long days in the car had a negative impact. It also seems people want to snack more when they are sitting around, this means more testing and more bolus corrections. I am looking forward to getting back to a schedule.

 This month Henry will be going to Gales Creek Camp on his own for the first time. 5 nights of Henry sleeping away from home, weird! He is very excited though as he has been to Family Camp and knows what to expect. He loves the camp atmosphere and how they keep him busy.

 Thank you for your ongoing support!

The Kilman Family

Jennifer, Tom, George, Henry, Kate, and Ellen